FREE TRAINING For Parents with Kids Stuck on the Screen

Brand New FREE TRAINING For Parents with Kids 14 & Under...


  • How to avoid the no. #1 mistake parents make when trying to get their child off the internet and get them to come to the dinner table on time - or any other reasonable request!
  • The simple and fast way to put an end to the exhausting daily arguments over the screen use so, you can regain control and regain connection with your child.
  • Say goodbye to hearing "I'm bored" and hello to a happier, more engaged child 
  • How to set limits that stick so you can stop walking on eggshells around their bad behaviour
  • How to identify the three key things kids say that commonly manipulate parents into giving them more screen time 
  • Discover the impact of excessive screen time on your child's brain and development, and learn how failing to take action can have long-term consequences
  • Case Study: What one mum did to stop giving military marching orders (exhausting) so she could enjoy dinner conversations with her kids again!

Presented by Tash Dowling, Founder of Digitox - Screen Time Solutions for Parents, Kids & Schools  
In 2016 Tash supported her own son through a chronic addiction with gaming & social media. Since then  she has been dedicated to assisting parents, kids  & schools in achieving the same goal via the The Digitox Programs . You can read more about Tash here. Through extensive international research, she has connected with doctors and psychiatrists compiling compelling evidence of the link between screen use and the alarming increase in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and body image disorders, particularly those associated with social media and gaming. With a background in Applied Science, Tash has since expanded her proficiency to become a certified Mental Health First Aider, specialising in adolescent care, and is trained by INTENTA in managing clinical gaming disorders.

Presented By Tash Dowling

Tash, is the creator of the DigiTox Restore Program, which helps individuals overcome chronic addictions to gaming and social media. In 2016, I successfully helped my own son overcome such an addiction, and since then, I have been dedicated to assisting other families in achieving the same goal.

" The 1st Step to Ending Internet Addiction is to End the Internet Argument."