How To End The Exhausting Daily Argument with Your Child When it's Time to get off the Internet

* Avoid the #1 mistake parents make when trying to get their child off the internet and get them to come to the dinner table on time! 

How to set limits that stick, so you can stop walking on eggshells around their "screen enraged" bad behaviour

How to spot when your being manipulated by the 3 things kids say when bargaining for more screen time, so you never fall into the parental guilt trap again!

After taking the free training I feel more able to manage devices within the household, especially with the teenagers.The education really helped me to understand why they were getting agitated and moody when it was time to get off the game.I liked the examples of communicating with the kids, it helped me to explain to them what was happening in their bodies which the boys were actually interested in!" - Nadine, mother of 6 kid's! 

" The 1st Step to Ending Internet Addiction is to End the Internet Argument."

Tash Dowling is the Founder of the DigiTox Restore Program. After freeing her own son of a chronic gaming and social media addiction back in 2016, she has been helping families to do just the same.