About DigiTox

    • It may seem like you have tried everything to get your child off the gaming & social media when it's time, and sadly, despite all these well meaning efforts, nothings really working and a lot of arguments are taking over your home as a result.

    • As you have probably noticed your child seems disconnected, to you, real life friends, school, other activities and it's getting pretty hard to get them off the screen. 

    • We know if we don’t do something we may come face to face with the biggest nightmare of all….internet addiction that threatens our kid’s happiness, future and our relationship with them.
    • Well, this happened to me, this was my story with my son who I realised back in 2016 had a heavy gaming & social media addiction. DigiTox was born out of my despair and own sheer efforts to free my son from internet addiction. You can read our story here. 

    • Having a background in Applied Science, Acupuncture made me wonder why my son's nervous system was so all over the place. After extensive research my jaw fell to the ground when I learnt what screens are doing to our kids brain and nervous system. Everything was making sense as to why my gentle, kind, funny child was acting up. 
    • I knew our brains are wired according to our environment. So sitting in front of a screen a lot and you get an over stimulated nervous system and a brain that isn't functioning very well at all. 
    • You get emotional, mental, physical, social and behavioural problems.  Screens affect our sleep, our happiness, our ability to focus, think deeply, our anxiety levels...and the list goes on!
    • So yes, too much screen negatively affects our health, and, too much screen can be masking some more serious  issues that our kids may actually need some help with. It is just too easy to reach for the screen rather than deal with a real life issue.
    •  Having the right amount of screen time gives that amazing young brain and nervous system the ability to:
    • *socialize outside of just screen time
    • * sleep well
    • * have more stable moods
    • * look you in the eye
    • * feel happier, more creative and expressive
    •  * eat at the dinner table with the family and engage in conversations which is such an important time to share family values
    • * focus and learn
    • * deal with emotions appropriate to their age
    • * have the confidence to try out for the soccer team and the dance school.
    • Managing screen time is now a part of every day parenting and it's not easy! So, let's lay off some good old parental guilt.
    • What parent isn’t running around chasing their tails these days? What parent hasn’t used the internet as an electronic babysitter from time to time? 
    • You see, it really only needs to be a small time that the parent isn't "screen parenting" for this very overstimulating device to cause addiction, creating a very over stressed nervous system and this is what causes the bad behaviour, the swearing, the emotional meltdowns, and for some kids this happens from being on the screen for just 20 min. Everyone is different and that's why DigiTox is designed for you to be supported to find the right screen balance for your family.
       What is harder is leaving them on the screen as this causes much bigger problems that can be permanent.  Once this is sorted out you can see kids "come back" to themselves, their family, friends, activities and even finding their passions and saying social media and gaming is boring and addictive, that they feel relieved not to be on it all the time, saying they are going to sell the x-box and start acting classes and music production instead.
      Seriously, wow! That's why I love to do this work.

    I'm passionate about the kids, always have been. Not only are they our future, they are at their most creative developmental stage of their growth, in their informative childhood and teenage years. Technology is a big part of their future, no doubt about that. Imagine what our amazing kids could contribute towards our world of technology with a clear and healthy mind?  I suspect so much more than social media and gaming once given the space and time.

    Most importantly, I'm a fellow mum who freed her son from a severe gaming and social media addiction. I also have a background in Applied Science Acupuncture, facilitation in the parenting communication courses "How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk". I am also trained in the Internationally accredited certification on problematic and disordered gaming via Intenta, and  certified as a mental health First Aider for Adolescence.

    DigiTox its about helping our kids have a good chance in life by finding their own right balance with tech. 
    I really look forward to supporting you, 

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