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Building Healthy Screen Time Habits

In today's digital age, balancing screen time is crucial for the mental health and academic success of our children. To effectively manage screen use, children need a supportive ecosystem that includes three critical pillars: engaged parents, proactive schools, and comprehensive education around screen time.

Digitox is at the forefront of providing this holistic support, collaborating closely with schools and educators to address the growing concerns around screen use, social media, and gaming.

Our programs are specifically designed to foster a supportive environment where students, teachers, and parents alike are empowered with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the digital landscape healthily. By integrating these key components, Digitox ensures that every aspect of a child's digital interaction is positive, productive, and balanced, making a significant impact on their overall well-being and future success.

For Teachers: Digitox partners with educators to identify the challenges faced by students due to excessive screen time. Our goal is to support teachers by working together with kids and families to create digital wellbeing. Having kids who are better behaved, willing to learn, better focused and more engaged, helps teachers to teach.

For Parents: Through engaging webinars, Digitox educates parents on the adverse effects of excessive screen time.  Digitox provides practical solutions and actions parents can take to regain control over their kids technology use at home, supporting them with the boundaries they need to keep in the growing tech age. Our guidance helps families foster a balanced digital lifestyle, enabling children to explore their interests and talents positively.

For Kids: Our interactive talks for students are designed to illuminate the impacts of screen time on their brains, nervous systems, social skills & happiness.  Digitox empowers young minds with tools to navigate the digital world confidently, encouraging healthy interactions online and offline. We address the core issues of social media and gaming, offering strategies to help students focus on their real-world passions and academic achievements as a priority.

                                                                                    Join Our Movement!
Digitox invites your school to become a beacon of digital wellness. By partnering with us, your institution will not only support students in developing healthier screen habits but also receive recognition as a Screen Aware Certified School.
Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our children, ensuring they grow into happier, more focused, and socially adept individuals.

                                                                                Explore Our Programs Below :
 Discover our program initiatives designed to support your school's journey towards balanced screen use.

 From tailored workshops to comprehensive resources, we're here to help your community thrive in the digital age.

 The Digitox Screen Time School Awareness Program:

 What is The Digitox Screen Time School Awareness Program?
The Digitox Screen Time School Awareness Program is an educational series designed to address the challenges of excessive screen time affecting children today. It aims to bring together parents and teachers in a united effort to cultivate healthy screen time habits for children that will extend well into their future.

 How It Works:
This comprehensive program engages directly with kids, parents, and schools, offering tailored support and actionable strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of screen overuse. We look at the pro's and con's of technology and decipher what tech can help them achieve their goals, interests & learning in life.

Talks are designed specifically and individually for primary & high school years.  We like especially encourage years 5 & 6 to help prepare them for high school where digital device often escilates.

Benefits for Kids:  
Through the interactive talks, kids gain a deep understanding of how screens (digital devices) can affect their developing brain & nervous system. In turn, we discover how screens ( namely gaming and social media)  can affect their moods, happiness, social connection and ability to focus. We teach kids how to reach out to get support from home and school to foster and maintain balanced screen time habits. They learn proactive strategies to manage screen time effectively, contributing to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Benefits for Parents: 
Parents participate in webinars that provide a biological perspective focusing on evidenced based data and statistics on how screen time affects children's development worldwide.  Parents develop and implement practical screen time guidelines that resonate with their family's unique needs. They are invited and encouraged to join a supportive community that teaches the establishment of long-lasting healthy digital habits at home.

 Benefits for Schools & Teachers: 
Obtain insights into the specific screen time issues faced by students and receive guidance on how to address them effectively. Gain access to educational resources that enable teachers to support students through challenging digital interactions. Notice a positive shift in students' behaviour and ability to focus post-program, facilitating a more conducive learning environment.

Program Structure:

For Teachers & School: The program kicks off with a dialogue to understand the school's specific concerns and how Digitox can assist.We communicate via email or phone  prior to the parent & kids talks to gain a deeper insight to each class's unique needs in regards to their technology use and any issues that have come with that.

For Parents: Via webinar, parents are educated on the biological effects of screen time, followed by a month-long support group to solidify new habits and address common concerns.

For Kids: Interactive talks educate and empower students about screen time's effects and how to navigate technology responsibly.

Why Choose This Program?

The Digitox Screen Time School Awareness Program goes beyond mere awareness—it's an actionable, supportive framework that fosters well-informed decisions about technology use. It equips schools with the knowledge to create informed policies and helps kids and parents to understand and set boundaries around digital consumption.

 The Outcome: 
Through this program, teachers can reclaim their classrooms, kids can rediscover the joy of learning, and parents can instil their family values more effectively. The result is a harmonious balance where technology serves as a tool for growth, not a point of contention.

Is This Program Right for Your School?
If your school is experiencing challenges with student behaviour related to screen time, or if there's a collective desire to enhance the digital well-being of students, The Digitox Screen Time School Awareness Program may be the perfect fit.

The Benefits: 
Schools can collaborate with families to navigate the tech era constructively.
Students gain awareness of the impact of excessive screen time and learn strategies for balance.
Parents acquire the knowledge to establish and maintain effective screen time boundaries.

The entire school community benefits from enhanced social connections and overall well-being.

Join Us: For further details and enrolment, please contact here.

The Digitox School Camps Program: 
Nurturing Digital Well-being in Education 

What is The Digitox School Camps Program?

In the face of growing concerns about the mental and emotional well-being of young people, The Digitox School Camps Program emerges as an innovative solution for high school students, educators, and parents who are embarking on a school camp.

This program is meticulously crafted to address the challenges posed by the digital age, such as diminished attention spans and disruptive behaviour among students.

The Essence of School Camps:
 School camps are treasured experiences that often leave lasting impressions on students. Set amidst nature, these camps are the ideal backdrop for the essential digital detox, providing a respite for students' nervous systems and fostering genuine social connections.

The Collaborative Approach: 
The Digitox School Camps Program is a collective endeavour that imparts necessary education, skill development, and support. It's a journey where educators and parents unite to steer children towards a harmonious relationship with technology, thereby enhancing their academic performance and overall well-being.

Benefits for Kids:
Empowerment through awareness of the digital detox process.
Sustained support from family and school to establish healthy screen habits.
Enhanced understanding of technology's impact on their brain and well-being.

 Benefits for Parents:
Access to educational webinars that delve into the effects of screen time.
Strategies to establish effective screen boundaries within the home.
Support within a community group to reinforce these new practices.

Benefits for Schools & Teachers:
Knowledge to identify and address digital detox symptoms for when kids are on camp.
Tools to educate students on the physiological changes during detox & how to manage them.
Welcoming back students who are more focused, sociable, and easier to teach.

The Three-Part Program: 

Pre-Camp Preparation: Teachers receive guidance to support students, while kids and parents are educated about the impacts of screen time. As kids are naturally going on a digital detox whilst  school camp, we share with camp facilitators the common signs of device withdrawal that kids may experience as a result of not having their phones or computers or other devices for the duration of the camp.This can support the facilitators to support the kids through any withdrawal symptoms they may have.
Mid-Camp Engagement: Parents organize tech times and are trained in creating a tech-positive home environment whilst the kids are away.
 Post-Camp Integration: Upon return, students and parents work together to maintain the beneficial practices initiated during the camp. As kids nervous systems have had a break form the screen ( digital devices) they are much better abled to see from a broader perspective the impact of screens and therefore able to work with parents and teachers to maintain their health around screen time.

Why The Digitox School Camps Program?
The Digitox School Camps Program is more than a break from screens; it's an educational initiative that empowers students and families to understand and manage technology's role in their lives. It fosters informed decisions and supports teachers by providing clear-minded, enthusiastic students ready to learn.

Getting Involved: 
To integrate The Digitox School Camps Program into your next high school camp, contact us to start the conversation.

Participating schools receive a certificate of acknowledgment, affirming their commitment to promoting healthy screen habits.

For further details and enrolment, please contact here.

Presented by Tash Dowling, Founder of Digitox - Screen Time Solutions for Parents & Schools  
Tash Dowling is not just the founder of Digitox but also a parent who has navigated the tumultuous journey of excessive screen use firsthand. Her personal victory in guiding her son through a digital detox in 2016 inspired her to assist other families in achieving the same success. Through extensive international research, she has connected with doctors and psychiatrists compiling compelling evidence of the link between screen use and the alarming increase in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and body image disorders, particularly those associated with social media and gaming. Tash is a Digital Health Coach. With a background in Applied Science, Tash has since expanded her proficiency to become a certified Mental Health First Aider, specialising in adolescent care, and is trained by INTENTA in managing clinical gaming disorders.