Want to know how to get your child off the screen without the frustrating & exhausting  argument? 

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We support parents, like you, who are frustrated and exhausted with trying to get their child off the screen. Whether it be gaming or social media, you will get your child back, connected and in control of their technology use, rather than it in control of them.
Imagine not having this constant struggle anymore!

Imagine getting your child back from the 'phone haze' the behavioural issues, moods and unhappiness that too much screen time is causing in many of our young people...

What would that look like for you?

Technology has many wonderful benefits, we all know that, and it's here to stay, so finding screen time balance has become a part of daily parenting. As parents , we are often left wondering...

" How much screen time is too much?" 
" He seems to be connecting and having fun so should I just let him keep playing the game? " 

" When do I get my child a phone?"
" That' s where she connects socially, I don't want to isolate her from her friends, but I know the phone is causing so many social issues" 

Please know you are not alone in this, many parents are asking similar questions and needing support.
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 We are passionate to support you because there is no better feeling than getting your child back, connected, in control of their tech use, rather than it in control of them, removing a lot of family stress!

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Are you Ready to End the Internet Argument with your child ?

WARNING: Do this before you smash the modem or go to hide the console in the boot of the car!

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Lose the exhausting frustration, anger, sense of hopelessness, feeling of walking on eggshells, confusion, stress and guilt that the Internet Argument creates
Build connection with your child even when they are still scrolling on social media and gaming up to the next level