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Raising Kids in the age of technology 
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It also takes support. 
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Welcome to Digitox 
 Screen Time Solutions for Parents, Kids' & Schools 

Parenting in the tech age is hard and it's not your fault.

The time to get tech under control is now, Why now?

Because their childhood is now... 

It Takes Both Schools & Parents to Keep Kids Safe & Happy in the Tech Era.

 That is why we have made a parent community group & programs to support you and your school.
 Let's take a closer look...


Parents are frustrated and exhausted when it comes to getting kids off of screens at the time asked and want more harmony and connection with the family.

Tech is only getting stronger so we need to know how to 'Tech Parent' to keep our kids safe, happy and thriving in the tech age.

So, What is Tech Parenting?
It's these 3 things:

#1 - Parental Intuition:
Never underestimate the power of parental intuition!
It's acting on it that will get you back in the drivers seat to set healthy tech boundaries in your home.
[ Hint: any guilt around your kids screen time is where you need to take action. ]

#2 - Clarity: 
You get this from knowing what's really going on with your child behind the 'screen'.  Knowledge is power.
#3 - Confidence:
Once you are clear on how tech affects your child you will be able to set the necessary boundaries and agreements without the daily struggle.

You also need support.
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The kids' aren't ok.

They are stuck in a 'phone haze' and want to feel more connected with their friends. They want to feel more capable in the real world and they want to feel happier.

There is a global mental health epidemic for kids that started to rise in 2012 and it's all pointing to their screen time use.

The stats and data are out, there is no denying that looking at a screen more  than connecting in real life will cause issues.

We don't need stats and data to tell us this, our parental intuition knows best.

What do Kids Need?

It's simple really. They need face to face social interaction more than online screen time.

They need a variety of activities to stimulate the growth and development of their young brains.

And, they need us to 'Tech Parent', so they can have a healthy relationship with their tech use well into their future.


Teachers are struggling to maintain kids focus. Why?

Because they are not bright coloured zombies jumping around a screen, they are not exciting 'ding' notifications from a phone.

Never before in history has any brain squirted the amount of dopamine in such a short amount of time as social media, gaming, youtube watching etc can invoke.

So nothing can really compete,  teachers are struggling to teach and want to give kids the education they need.

This in turn is affecting our kids ability to learn, focus, think for themselves.

Education is the future.

What is the future going to look like if our kids are  stuck on ' junk food tech' rather than utilising technology to enhance their education, unique ideas and  passions?

Digitox works with schools and parents together to address the key tech issues that are holding kids back from getting the education they need.

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* Learn what to do rather than engage in the exhausting internet argument
* Learn to Tech Parent so you can continue to develop a healthy connection and relationship with your children rather than have tech ruling your home & hijacking your family values
* Build tech boundaries that stick so kids feel safe and supported to actually thrive in the tech age
* Learn how and when to give your child a phone so they don't get caught up in the mental health epidemic but instead are guided to use the right tech at the right time so they can utilise the benefits of technology.  And more...
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