DigiTox Restore Program 

The Digitox Restore Program provides the necessary education, skills training, community and live support necessary to help parents quickly step their children onto the path of recovery from screen time issues. Developed by Tash Dowling, who successfully detoxed her own son from a heavy gaming and social media addiction back in 2016. Since then she has helped other families to do exactly the same.
The 6 Week Program is an intensive, highly supported & highly successful Program, consisting of 3 stages. 

Let's take a closer look!

Module # 1 Let's Get Ready! Prep & Clarity 

Firstly, we get very clear on some quick and simple science based facts of the situation giving you the correct perspective of safe and healthy internet use. Knowledge is power. Once you are clear on how screens may be affecting your child, all the fear and worry, the anger and confusion turns to empowerment, clarity and action!  In step #1, we strengthen up our communication & connection with our kids, end the exhausting internet argument and finally prepare for the digital detox giving  the kids the chance to hop out of the raging river of technology, sit upon the bank, to rest the nervous system and give the whole family the needed time and space to decide how tech can work for them going forward. 


Module #2 Restoring Your Child's Brain & Nervous System Back to It's Natural Healthy State

In this stage of the Program you start to
'Get Your Child Back and Connected' you see them come back to life whilst losing the pull the the screen devices.
They naturally become interested in other activities, have more meaningful relationships, become more creative and reconnect with family. It is here that we see the stress removed from your household as behaviours settle.
Each week more empowerment is available for your child to get ready to step back into the digital world with choice and control.


STEP # 3 - Reintegration- Empowered Parent, Empowered Child Going Forward in the Digital Age!

By this stage of the Program more peace in the home is well set in. The life-changing experiences bring a total change of pace for the whole family and more connection and enjoyment is experienced.
You and your child will become empowered as you enter back into the digital world. Doing a Digital Detox is one thing but there is no point in doing it if you do not put in place the exact process needed to get the lasting results.
This module shows you the exact steps to take when integrating technology into your family's life, creating a foundation that will become part of your family culture, well into the future, keeping everyone addiction free and in control of their tech use. No more 'policing your child!' & no more upsetting arguments! The kid's often see for themselves the internet trap they have been in, and report a " sense of relief".


Single mum, Piari & her 14 year old gamer son
Piari wanted to empower her son in the digital world but  wasn’t sure how shared parenting would go.
Her 14 year old son was terrified to do the detox. "He was worried about friends, but just a week into it he found true real friends, who were willing to sacrifice screen time for him.
He was worried what he would do with his time. He used to say he was bored before, but on the detox stopped saying he was bored and found things to do for himself, surfing, bike riding. He used to always complain he was tired, and slept a lot in the first part of the detox and now he is way more productive now. Watch here
He agreed to sell the xbox!"

"The DigiTox Program thankfully found us at the right time, through a friend sharing it, at a time I would consider to be close to a crisis point in our family.
I was a full-time single parent dealing with a hormonal teenage boy, addicted to gaming; acting out with aggression & sometimes violence, particularly when this device was removed. It was clear to me some form of intervention was needed, as I didn’t feel confidently equipped to handle it on my own.We found the Program to be extremely beneficial, comprehensive, supportive & effective in delivering the results sought. Overcoming addiction of any kind is no easy feat, though with the right guidance, information, support & dedication, it becomes not only possible but a reality." -Fey - mother of 14 1/2 year old son - Gaming addiction

Janette talks about how her 15 year old daughter went from constantly watching YouTube and Netflix series, to playing outside again, "shooting hoops" & making more empowered choices around her internet use after completing the 6-week DigiTox Restore Program. Janette and her 15 year old daughter Maggie -Addicted to YouTube & Netflix Series Watch here

Leigh with Scarlet (9 years) & Charlie (11 years)
Meet Leigh, amazing single mother of two daughters 9 yrs & 11 yrs who were constantly on YouTube. Things were getting out of control. Leigh talks about how the girls have more self-awareness around their technology use and when its time to get off the device- there is no more arguing! Watch here

"Do you know that you have already helped my family so much. Changes have happened since I was on your call...
My hubby overheard some of the call. He has initiated doing extra activities with the kids and supported me with changes I have initiated from being on your call. I have found that I was a big part of the problem with tech. I now am looking at my phone less. The kids are now doing homework at the table rather than on computers in their room. We are having less tech time. I have bought Connect 4 and Archie and I have been playing it everyday and the girls have joined in. So thank you for all that you are doing." Kerry Brown - mother of a boy 11, girl 15, girl 17  Fortnite, YouTube and Social Media addiction

Frequently Asked Questions

Communicating with your kids about the detox in a way that offers them as much choice as possible is taught throughout the program. Some kids will feel and express a sense of relief at your family decision to do a detox and some kids will not be willing at all. This is a process that is closely covered in the first part of the DigiTox Restore Program. A lot of parents fear this step and there are certain ways to communicate this with your child on this specific topic.

Safety for all members of the family is number one and closely covered in the DigiTox Restore Program.Taking anything away from someone makes them react.The program will guide you on how to keep both parent and child as empowered as possible when removal of screens if necessary. Choice is always given to the child each step of the way and safety plans are put in place. 

No, they are usually grumpy for the first 3-5 days depending on the child. After this, their nervous system rests and starts to restore. They start to calm down, they may eat and sleep more. Parents need to be available and make their family number one throughout the program, especially tin the first week of preparation and then the first week of the detox.Then things get easier and more connection time is available with a more willing child. Then the last part of the program attention is again needed to design a family screen time balance that suits your unique family. 

This is a highly supportive program where you will get access to Tash directly throughout the program. We will connect at least weekly to support you along the way via WhatsApp, zoom and in the community forum. 

Yes, It is a good choice for everyone to have time off the screen to rest the brain and nervous system, especially for anyone suffering a nervous system disorder.
If you are unsure about mental health and the digitox Program ,please consult your child's doctor or therapist.

We hold the program mostly in school holidays, however some families want to get started on this straight away. In the DigiTox Restore Program we have ways around this, giving choice to the families regarding tech and school.

"Disconnect to Reconnect" Social connection is very important for kids so the program offers a step by step plan to keep your child connected whilst unplugging for a while. You will find that they revert back to creativity and they fill their own time with activities, age dependent. They also tend to gravitate to other kids who are not so screen dependent. It is a good idea to tell your kids friends parents what you are doing and invite them along to do the detox at the same time.

We recommend to show your reluctant other some scientific evidence specific to the issue you may be facing with your child. This may be physical ( tummy aches, ticks, sore body, weight gain) mental health issues, behavioural issues, emotional issues, problems at school, learning and focus issues, social issues. Go to the Resources section of the DigiTox Website for science based research. 

The DigiTox Restore Program is suited to children and young adults who are still living at home up to the age of 16 years. The older the kids and the longer they have been using the screen, usually, the more challenging it will be in the first part of the program. You will be guided each step of the way and your time in the program may be extended if further support is needed. Doing the digital detox to prevent internet addiction and give the nervous system a break that it needs is also a good option for kids any age addicted or not. If your young person is over 18 years, please use the contact form to contact us so we may guide you to appropriate support.