Piari and her 14 1/2 year old son
X-Box -Fortnite & Phone Addiction 

See how Piari and her 14 1/2 year old son were able to turn around his Fortnite, Phone and X-Box addiction in just six weeks. Her son then went on to sell the X-Box.

Leigh with Scarlet (9 years) & Charlie (11 years) 

Meet Leigh, amazing single mother of two daughters 9 yrs & 11 yrs who were constantly on YouTube. Things were getting out of control. Leigh talks about how the girls have more self-awareness around their technology use and when its time to get off the device- there is no more arguing!

Janette and her 15 year old daughter Maggie -Addicted to YouTube & Netflix Series 

Janette talks about how her 15 year old daughter went from constantly watching YouTube and Netflix series, to playing outside again, "shooting hoops" & making more empowered choices around her internet use after completing the 6-week DigiTox Restore Program.

Fey - mother of 14 1/2 year old son -
Gaming addiction

"The DigiTox Program thankfully found us at the right time, through a friend sharing it, at a time I would consider to be close to a crisis point in our family. "

I was a full-time single parent dealing with a hormonal teenage boy, addicted to gaming; acting out with aggression & sometimes violence, particularly when this device was removed. It was clear to me some form of intervention was needed, as I didn’t feel confidently equipped to handle it on my own.

We enrolled in the DigiTox Restore Program, a decision my son discovered in time & established a support network with loved ones, as well as others participating in the Progam, all under Tash’s guidance.

We followed the steps of the 6 week Program as meticulously as we were able to based on our own unique set of circumstances, whilst the process was daunting, I felt well equipped with the new-found knowledge & support offered from the course; the support group.

 Tash was unwavering in her encouragement, sound advice & experience, always maintaining that connection of support. We saw almost immediate & positively impactful results.

My son & I reconnected over previously enjoyed past times, the balance was restored to our home, his behaviour, demeanour & sleep patterns all significantly improved. He returned to being his helpful sweet self & his initiative towards his education also returned. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to any parent or guardian who has concerns with a child’s screen dependence.

We found the Program to be extremely beneficial, comprehensive, supportive & effective in delivering the results sought. Overcoming addiction of any kind is no easy feat, though with the right guidance, information, support & dedication, it becomes not only possible but a reality.

Thank you Tash for your insightful Program, for your knowledge & understanding, your passion, dedication, patience & vision. Partaking in this Program was certainly a gift, one that we will reap the benefits from for years to come. So much gratitude "" 

Fey - mother of 14 1/2 year old son -
Gaming addiction

" Do you know that you have already helped my family so much. Changes have happened since I was on your call...
My hubby overheard some of the call. He has initiated doing extra activities with the kids and supported me with changes I have initiated from being on your call. I have found that I was a big part of the problem with tech. I now am looking at my phone less. The kids are now doing homework at the table rather than on computers in their room. We are having less tech time. I have bought Connect 4 and Archie and I have been playing it everyday and the girls have joined in. So thank you for all that you are doing."

Kerry Brown - mother of a boy 11, girl 15, girl 17  Fortnite, YouTube and Social Media addiction

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